Quantum Systems and Software

The systems and software imitative performs analysis of the benefits of quantum computing technologies for high-performance computing. Hybrid computing systems will require programming principles akin to current accelerator models but modified to accommodate the principles of quantum computing. How will their performance compare to our theoretical predictions? We expect the that performance depends on the underlying programming models as well as the behavior of quantum technology.

As quantum computing systems mature from basic scientific testbeds to robust devices, they will likely be adopted for both application-specific and general purpose computing. We currently investigate the abstract architectures that guide integrating quantum processors into large-scale high-performance computing systems. We have examined both loose and tight integration designs, which differ primarily in the communication infrastructure and run-time environment needed to host the QPU. The relative performance of each design is expected to depend on how well the quantum algorithm and its programming model offsets the costs of this communication as well as the intended use case.