Quantum Computing Institute
at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Advancing quantum information technologies for scientific computing applications

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Computing serves a fundamental role in scientific discovery and innovation. At Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the development of next generation computing systems is pushing the frontiers of computer science and material science. The relentless growth in computing technology has prompted discoveries in how quantum mechanics can be applied to processing information. Quantum information technologies embody these ideas as new forms of computing, communication, and sensing that offer advantages over current state of the art.

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The Quantum Computing Institute is a lab-wide collaboration that promotes the use of theory, computation, and experiment in the research and development of quantum information technologies. We leverage ORNL capabilities in material fabrication and characterization, high-performance computing, and electrical systems and sensors to develop the ideas and platforms needed for beyond CMOS technologies. The QCI fosters collaborations between ORNL staff scientist and with external research partners to accelerate development and more quickly realize the benefits from quantum computing.

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